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The 2015 Harvard PGP conference

August 31, 2015

Next month, the Harvard Personal Genome Project will hold its annual U.S. conference (MindEx 2015) and labs events (PG-Palooza) in Cambridge, MA. The conference will take place on Saturday, September 12 at Harvard University’s famed Sanders Theatre. PG-Palooza labs will be held on Sunday, September 13 at the Cambridge Innovation Center. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, all PGP participants will be admitted to both MindEx and PG-Palooza for free!

In years past, the PGP was featured at the GET Conference. This year, the GET Conference is going international. It will take place in Vienna (Sept 17-19, and will feature Genom Austria, and other members of the growing international PGP consortium.

For this year’s U.S. MindEx conference, the Harvard PGP is working together with the Mind First Foundation, and a focus of the conference will be the mental realm: mind and brain, cognition and behavior. Still, as in previous years, the U.S. conference and labs will provide its established focus on open source genomics and citizen participatory science.

To register as a PGP participant for MindEx, please click here to visit the MindEx and PG-Palooza page at the Harvard PGP website (you’ll need to log in to your account), and click on the “Participate” button at the bottom of the page, or go straight to the appropriate EventBrite page ( We recently made all registration free, so simply use Public Registration. At the conference we’ll register you separately for PG-Palooza, which is open only to those enrolled in the PGP.

More about MindEx and PG-Palooza

Conference speakers will include PGP founder and Harvard Professor Dr. George Church, Dr. Ron Kessler (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Martine Rothblatt (United Therapeutics), Dr. Ed Boyden (MIT Synthetic Neurobiology Group), Dr. Richard Wrangham (Harvard), Dr. Madeleine Price Ball (PGP Harvard and Open Humans Project), Dr. Sasha Wait Zaranek (PGP Harvard and Curoverse), Dr. Jordan Smoller (Broad Institute, Harvard Medical, Massachusetts General Hospital), best-selling psychology author David McRaney, gut microbiome experts Justine Debelius and Dr. Siavosh Rezvan Behbahani, and more. PG-Palooza will feature presentations and collections of specimens and data by the Harvard PGP, American Gut, uBiome, LifeNaut, MindModeling@Home, H-Scan,, and more!

For additional details about the conference, labs, speakers, venues, hotels, directions and maps, visit the MindEx conference pages on the Mind First Foundation website (

We hope to see you there!

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