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Participants welcome to apply for GET Labs!

March 9, 2014

For many of you this notice is a repeat – we’ve opened up our application for Harvard PGP participants to attend GET Labs! This year GET Labs will be its own event on April 29th, at the IBM Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA. (The GET conference is the following day, and will have separate tickets.) We have over a dozen labs already signed up to work with participants – and planning to return resulting research data! Participants will also be welcome to organize their own sessions and gatherings.

Space is limited and to ensure that our researchers find GET Labs a valuable experience, we’ve limited our invitations to Harvard PGP participants that have shared significant genetic data on their public profile (genome, exome, or genome-scale genotyping like 23andme or Family Tree DNA) and have completed the current set of surveys.

If you’re not a participant but have genome-scale data you want to share publicly from 23andme or Family Tree DNA, you can enroll now in the Harvard PGP – we’ll accept new enrollees as GET Labs participants, provided they have this data shared publicly.

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