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Testing the Waters for Personalized Genomic Medicine Research

July 5, 2012

Since its inception the Personal Genome Project has pioneered new ways of doing research. The PGP and affiliated research groups remain focused on high-impact strategies for conducting research and for supporting and funding innovation. In particular, the PGP is considering ways to maximize the impact of personalized medicine and the use of whole genome sequence and related data to improve healthcare for all.

We’ve spoken to many PGP participants on a variety of topics and have heard many great ideas. Now we’d like your feedback on how we might work together on the broad areas of research described above–so we created the brief survey linked at the bottom of this post. We hope that responses from this survey encourage collaboration and grant funding for personalized genomic medicine research.

Although we’re interested in building this collaborative infrastructure, we need to emphasize that the PGP does not have resources to support medical follow-up in response to genome findings. Even if we do receive some funding for personalized medicine research, it is likely to be quite limited. You should always assume that you’ll be responsible for any and all medical care that may occur in response to research findings in our project. You can read more about this in Section 6.3 of our full consent for participation (Risks Associated with Your Receipt of Data From the PGP).

Please let us know what things you’d be interested in working on with us by filling out our survey:
Interest in Personalized Genomic Medicine Research (PGP blog survey, July 2012)

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  1. July 6, 2012 11:07 pm

    Both my general practicioner and oncologist (part of the team that found a cure for hairy cell leukemia) are very interested in participating in any way.

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