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Announcing the 2012 GET Conference

February 7, 2012

Each year around the time of  the “National DNA Day” holiday in late April, we invite leading thinkers to come together at the GET Conference to discuss the important ways in which new genomic technologies will affect all of our lives in the coming years and to debate their technical, commercial, and societal impacts.

We are excited that this year on April 25th, the GET Conference will be held on our home turf of Harvard Medical School.  The Department of Genetics has co-sponsored the event and they are helping us bring Svante Pääbo to speak about his work on the Neandertal genome!  We have many fabulous speakers lined-up, and I’ll be sharing more details about them on this blog between now and April.

We are all very excited about something else that will be new at the GET Conference this year: we are adding a track to the event designed specifically for participants in the Personal Genome Project!  We are thinking that this track may grow to become our annual “PGP users conference” and that we can use this forum to share progress reports and announcements about new initiatives from the PGP community.  For those who are able to make the trip, we want to take advantage of the proximity as much as possible, so we are planning a some activities.  For example, we are going to have an interactive area with a variety trait measurement and phenotyping booths.  We will also have an area staffed with nurses where PGP participants may donate a blood sample or other specimens to be incorporated in the research study.  We also hope this will be a time for participants, scientists, and others in the community to interact with each other.

Enrolled participants in the PGP may register to attend at no cost, for everyone else tickets are $225. If you are an enrolled participant in the PGP, please log-in to access your Promo Code. For PGP participants unable to travel to Boston, we will share videos of the event and find ways to keep you engaged from afar!  More details soon!

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